Pottermore meets Reality

Ok, so obviously, my reality frequently interact with my nerd side, but today’s craftivity was an epic example. But as with all squirrel stories, there’s a backstory…

A million years ago, when the first Pottermore sorting test went live, I was placed into Hufflepuff house. Fast forward to the last incarnation of the sorting hat test, which placed me into Ravenclaw house. It took me a minute to agree with the new sort, but I eventually did. However, I never fully released my Hufflepuff roots and was positively giddy the first time that I saw another Potterhead refer to themselves as a combo house, specifically Raven-puff. That moniker I could totally own.

This year, I went full Hogwarts on my classroom, so I was more in touch with my combo house on a daily basis. Enter the (early) release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite at the very beginning of my summer break. Duh, I started playing that shit straight out the gate. Like any good nerd, I researched TF outta every aspect, which included joining several Facebook groups on the subject.

Pretty soon, I saw my first Potterhead crafter use their fancy cutting machine to make a HPWU pretty. After I smacked myself in the head for not thinking of it first, I got to work. Obviously, I couldn’t do something that anyone else had done, so I perseverated, Ravenclaw style, to come up with something unobtrusive and cool. I kept up the Ravenclaw angle and decided to use the spell traces from the game…all 14. Then, I had to line them all up OCD style.

Then, team Hufflepuff decided to show up. Why not use glow in the dark HTV in case I decide to play in the dark? Plus, I could meet other nice nerds that way, right? As is the norm with all my “Oh this will be so easy,” ideas, it wasn’t. I had to use 3 different programs before I found the perfect one and then the idea could finally become reality.

During the process, I giggled when I recognized the distinct Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw qualities, solidifying the hybrid house designation for me. I’m looking forward to wearing it on the OBX as I scour Blackbeard’s hideaway for traces, confoundables, oddities, and collections in the upcoming weekend. (Squirrel) Wizards Unite!