Playing with Procreate

From middle school on, I’ve always been the designated “recorder” or “notetaker,” so I’m confident in the neatness of my penmanship.  But legit grown-up lettering is something else, especially once you factor in that someone is (or potentially will be) paying tangible money for it. After hours of practice, so many monies spent on all the markers, pens, and inks, and a year getting being a part-time professional, I felt pretty comfortable in my abilities.

In walks digital lettering and my need to have all the toys.  I’ve spent months drooling on Instagram at all these fancy people who are playing with the almighty Apple iPad Pro and the magical Apple Pencil. Heavy sigh, it costs so many monies (that teachers don’t have) and I only have an iPad Mini1. Fast forward through my pity party, OCD squirrel researching, perseveration over pressure sensitive styluses, and you’ll get to present day.

Through the magic of the interwebs and my hard headedness, I got the magical Procreate app to work on my 1st generation iPad Mini with the additional magic of the Adonit Pixel stylus.  I spent half a day trying to figure it out myself and then watched a 17 minute YouTube video. I learned more by watching that video than I did in the 4+ hours screwing around on my own.  It got me thinking that I might be able to mass produce some popular designs without breaking my hand, so I got jamming on my lil’ iPad.

Once I was happy enough with them, I was on to the next round of OCD squirrel research to figure out where to get them printed.