Try ALL the things!

In typical squirrel fashion, I’m all over the place since school let out.  I have initiated the first 2 phases of vacation: clean/purge all the things and binge watch all the things.  Cleo is a big fan of the latter and despises the former (aside from rubbing her face on/jumping in and out of all the boxes and bags).  Summer is like surfing in a lava lamp, always moving and changing, but still kinda peaceful and relaxing.  I’ve been pushing myself more than usual in all areas, including the artsy-fartsy.  Organizing my craft room, buying a gorgeous new giant computer, and researching all the possibilities for the future.

One of the projects on my summer Squirrel list is to make my digital art available for direct download and sale.  This whole “passive income” thing is relatively new and complex for me, but I’m working out the details, and will have updates ASAP! Much sooner than the time in between these blog posts, I promise! I’ve always been hesitant to put digital work out there as I worried about copyright, illegal downloads, etc., but I’m narrowing down my options.

I’ve also been learning how to make a handwritten font!  While it is super involved, I am really enjoying the learning process and scheming future $, all too prematurely!  Soon enough, you’ll also be able to purchase a squirrel scrawled font for your own use.  It will be almost like having a tiny me inside your computer (but not nearly as cool or noisy)!  I’m definitely not at the publication stage, but moving in the right direction.

Plotting is also underfoot for a possible second (and maybe 3rd, FFS) digital storefront for instant items and custom prints, as well as pre-craft show sweatshoppery. I’m waiting to hear final word on whether I am an official vendor for the largest show I’ve been a part of to date.  It’s a local shindig, so added pressure, yay!